Wiartshof - Wiartshof - Ferienwohnungen - Ein Paradies in Südtirol am Reschensee

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Our Wiartshof is a suckler cow farm where we cultivate 4 hectares of meadows, which are mowed twice in the summer months. Cows and calves (Pustertaler Sprinzen) and 2 dwarf rabbits are at home on our farm. The Pustertaler Sprinzen are an old, endangered breed of livestock. In June 2017, 3 Mangalica pigs (woolly pigs) moved to us on the Wiartshof, which is also an endangered livestock breed. We now have around 20 pigs and the rascals have become a small attraction in Kapron. The cows and calves are allowed to spend the summer on the mountain pasture before the holiday ends in autumn and they come back to the stable. The other animals are spread around the yard and look forward to attention, petting, scratching and of course one or two treats.

When all the animals have been taken care of, there is time in the summer for the garden, which is cultivated with passion. In addition to flowers, we plant a constantly changing selection of different vegetables. And honestly, what could be better than harvesting fresh vegetables from the garden and eating them?! In addition, a small selection of garden and medicinal herbs grows in the garden, which we dry and enjoy in the winter as a tea and use it for seasoning when cooking.

In addition to all the work, of course, we always find time for a friendly greeting or a chat with our guests and are happy to give you an insight into our everyday life on the farm.
Family Michael Thöni
Langtaufers Kapron 2
I-39027 Graun i. V.
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